What to Expect

Your first stretch will have you feeling better than you did before and will last longer than a massage alone.

You’ll meet with a licensed MOTION coach who will customize a stretch based on questions about your lifestyle. All you have to do to prepare for the stretch is wear comfortable clothing. If you’re coming straight from the office, you can use our private changing area. You can also bring a water bottle to fill at our hydration station.

After a few sessions a month, you’ll feel transformed. 


What is the purpose of the lifestyle questionnaire?

Our 10-minute consultation happens during the first stretch and is designed to create a tailored treatment approach. If you are on your feet all day or play sports, you will have different needs than someone who is inactive or who spends hours daily at their desk. By learning about your daily routine, our MOTION Coaches can custom tailor a treatment plan that emphasizes the body areas in most need of immediate attention and help us see how your body is progressing when you come in for the next stretch.

What is the MOTION 14-Point Method?

The M14 is a proprietary method that uses a whole body approach to target 14 body areas – myofascial trigger points – that hold the most tension.

Is this like the stretching I did in PE class?

Absolutely not. A lot of the things you may have been told about stretching are wrong, and sometimes harmful. At MOTION, we take a whole-body approach and relax the connective tissue before we begin the movement focused stretch. 

What’s myofascial stretching?

The term “myofascial” combines the Greek word for muscle (myo) and the word for connective tissue (fascial). Benefits of myofascial stretching include increased mobility and flexibility, reduced muscle tension and associated pain, improved blood circulation, decrease in injuries, and longer lasting relief.

What is the difference between MOTION Stretch and physical therapy?

Physical therapy treats a specific body area that has been injured. MOTION Stretc focuses on the entire body, from head to toe, to increase your elasticity and help prevent those injuries from happening.