The MOTION Method

Our MOTION Stretch coaches are licensed massage therapists who target the 14 areas of the body that hold the most tension to trigger a myofascial release and help you move and feel better. The M14 Method addresses the whole body and uses a combination of massage techniques, active movements and passive stretching, resulting in the most effective stretch in the least amount of time.

We pinpoint which areas of your body need immediate attention and personalize the stretch. Your lifestyle determines which body area we treat first – if you work in an office or stand on your feet all day you may have different areas of tension than a competitive athlete. Runners, tennis players, and cyclists, for example, have different areas that need more attention than others. Our licensed coaches lead you through MOTION stretching exercises and give you insights on why you’re feeling better.

Learn About the 14 Motion Points

Benefits of MOTION Stretch

  • Increased mobility, flexibility, agility
  • Reduced muscle tension and associated pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Decreased injuries
  • Lasting relief

Better performance. Lasting relief. Improved quality of life.