Our Story

At MOTION Stretch Studio, we believe everyone deserves a better quality of life. When a group of us started to examine how much time we spent on our fitness routines and injury rehabilitation, we realized that we, like most people, were neglecting a critical step for optimal health and wellness – the part in between, the recovery. Most people know stretching is an important part of feeling good and performing better, but either don’t do it at all or stretch in a static, traditional way that doesn’t work well. So we set out with a team of health and wellness experts to reimagine stretching. Together with physical therapists, fitness trainers, and licensed massage therapists, we created MOTION Stretch – an effective solution to improve your quality of life.

Our coaches use a proprietary method of one-on-one stretching that focuses on connective tissue and muscle movement to get the most effective results that help people move and feel better. Our whole body, customized treatments are tailored to fit every lifestyle and are delivered in convenient, accessible and inviting spaces. At MOTION, we help restore your body so you can perform, recover and rest at your best.


Our values guided how we designed our method and studios.

  1. Our members’ quality of life. We exist to so that our members can improve the way their bodies feel.
  2. Every person’s individuality. We have screens for more privacy and personalize each MOTION Stretch because we recognize that every individual has unique lifestyles, needs and abilities.
  3. Changes that last. Our fact-based stretching method includes motion because we value effective and longer lasting results than assisted stretching alone can provide.
  4. Finishing what we started. Competitive athletes train hard, health and wellness enthusiasts eat their nutrition and exercise, people with diabetes take their insulin – we all push our bodies to work for us and we are dedicated to completing the essential whole body stretch and recovery part of a body in motion.
  5. Our members’ time. Time is one of the most precious and scarce resources – we want your MOTION experience to be efficient and effective so that you can stay in the game longer and spend more time enjoying the way your body feels.
  6. Experiences that add value. We constantly improve the quality of our members’ experience and have a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure all of our coaches are top quality.

GET IN TO MOTION and see how our values come to life through our coaches and studio staff, everyday.