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Our coaches are all licensed massage therapists trained on our proprietary M14 Method. Certified and trained to get deep into your connective tissue.

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MOTION Stretch uses a proprietary method of one-on-one stretching that  focuses on connective tissue and muscle movement to get the most effective results.  Our treatments are customized to fit every lifestyle and delivered in convenient, accessible and inviting spaces. MOTION is the only stretch studio that is made up of all licensed massage therapists, trained on the M14 Method. All our coaches have the certification required to target myofascial trigger points and get​ deep into the muscle tissue for a whole body stretch.

MOTION Stretch Results

  • Increased mobility, flexibility, agility
  • Reduced muscle tension and associated pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Decreased injuries
  • Lasting relief

Come join the MOTION. MOTION Stretch is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life by addressing the often overlooked yet essential part of health and performance. Whether you sit often, stand often, exercise often, or play competitive sports – every body needs proper maintenance and recovery.


I was looking for a way to increase my mobility … I saw your methods and thought it might be exactly what I was looking for. I have tried some massage places looking to do what you guys do, but never found something that is nearly as effective. I have really enjoyed (on top of how effective your experts are) how everything is very organized and I can schedule within the app. It makes the whole process very easy. I try to lead a very active lifestyle. Along with working out 3-4 days a week, I yoga with my wife, play tennis, and chase around 4 kids around my house. For work I work from home as a programmer and still coach competitive cheerleading as a hobby. I can sit for a while as a programmer. It is a part of the job unfortunately. … anyone looking to improve their flexibility, mobility, and lead a more pain free lifestyle should check you guys out.”

Member Testimonial - King

[MOTION is] the only things that provided any relief and allowed me to start strengthening.

Member Testimonial - Hilary

The stretching works! And most guys are tight. MOTION helped me get back to work being a firefighter! Before MOTION I was unable to perform my job because of poor knee flexibility after my knee surgery. I had to get to a certain point to be able to return to work and MOTION was a big help in that process!

Member Testimonial - James

Brett was in desperate need of relief from chronic tension sitting and standing- computer work, traveling often on planes, being a DJ. Initially he came in to improve his fitness and athleticism and he realized how much more intense the damage was.  His herniated disks are what initially brought him in to get stretched. After first stretch he left “feeling light on his feet” – after one year of dedicating himself to increasing flexibility through MOTION Stretch, he sees the difference in his body. “Breathing is so important, especially when getting stretched. Everyone has been amazing.”

Brett - Member Testimonials

Christy works in healthcare and is on her feet a lot throughout the day and spends the rest of the time at her desk typing a lot. Her favorite point is (definitely not IT Bands lol) MP8 Shoulder complex and MP7 Upper back. She has noticed a difference in her flexibility and her recovery time from workouts and injuries. Stands up for a lot of the day and does desk work/tying when she isn’t on her feet.

Christy - Member Testimonials

After one session, I was hooked. After working on one calf , I was amazed at the difference it made. At the age of 60 , I realize the importance of stretching and maintaining flexibility to be able to continue at the level of exercise that I enjoy. Incorporating MOTION into my weekly regime is helping me achieve that goal and has restored my passion for running. I love the coaches! They always listen to you and your needs. Because of MOTION, I have been able to lengthen my stride. My flexibility has greatly improved. I am thankful for MOTION Stretch and how it has helped me.

Ann - Member Testimonials

My favorite stretch depends on my activities leading up to my appointment. I usually add the upper back/ shoulder stretch to every session. It helps relieve tension and my headaches have subsided as a result. OTF a few times each week and Kennesaw Mountain if I’m feeling like a badass. I work from home and sit at my desk for 9+ hours with minimal standing throughout the day. MOTION has been a great addition to my exercise and recovery routine. I feel better after each session. The MOTION Staff are incredible!! We chat about my aches and pains before each session and they tailor the stretches accordingly.

Ashton - Member Testimonials

I workout 6 days a week and aggravate the same areas every time. I Wanted to find relief. I workout 6 days a week, stand up at my desk, but sit down often. Motion is incredibly helpful, I notice such difference when I work out now. My sessions with MOTION are Amazing, intense, and relieving.

Daphne - Member Testimonials

My sessions with MOTION are relaxing and peaceful. I like how my own coach always explains what he’s doing and why its important so I leave getting stretch [and] also knowing a little bit more about my muscles. The staff is so friendly! After my first few stretches…I no longer have back pain.

Dejah - Member Testimonials

Motion Stretch gets right to the problem areas and makes them feel much better! I still come to Motion because I always like to push my body. If I’m going to push my body, I need to take care of it after. Coming to Motion once or twice a week helps to loosen up any tight areas, work through any injuries I may bring on myself, and just keep me feeling my best!

Bethany - Member Testimonials

I love going to MOTION Stretch Studio! They really help with muscle soreness or tension. I have a hip hike and need to go to them to help those imbalances, or when I am tense in my upper back from sitting at a desk all day. I would recommend them to any one who trains! It hurts so good!

Dasa P.

I’m a distance runner, so naturally, my muscles can get a bit tight! Having never been to any kind of massage parlor before, this was a very novel experience to me. The stretch sessions are active release motions with masseuse assistance, not just a relaxing pat/rub down. The stretch sessions really smoothed out my movement patterns and left me feeling fresh and ready to go.

Kyle M.

The company speaks volumes of stretching. I am beginning to experience some range of motion that I hadn’t had the luxury of feeling in years. The entire staff are experts in their fields. A+ Bravo.

Sandy H.

For better athletic performance and rapid recovery after tough training sessions, it is essential to stretch and release tight sore muscles. Coming here has helped me run faster and build up my endurance. The sessions are very targeted so you get a lot of value for your investment.

Anne C.

Loss of mobility is a big issue for me. After they hit the points of performance in my shoulder, the strength and mobility improved significantly and the chronic pain was gone immediately! Same with my lower back. I highly recommended this place for maintenance of the body. No matter what kind of athlete you are a runner, yogi, CrossFitter, Ironman, etc… Motion stretch studio is a must!

Denise B.

Just came to my first stretch and it was fantastic!  All of the folks who work here are have deep knowledge of anatomy/physiology and it shows.  I feel looser and better after half an hour of targeted stretching here than I have felt after an hour of fancy, but ultimately ineffective massage elsewhere.

Erin E.